8 Steps to Social Media Engagement Success

Most of us don’t like being told what to do because we are unique and we’d encourage you to celebrate your uniqueness and to take our advice with a pinch of your own salt…

But then you did start reading this because of something in the title so hey, crack on, read the 8 Steps to Social Media Engagement Success and then begin your journey of discovery with us, should you choose to but only if you like the cut of our jib 😉

STEP 1 – Run a VANITY Check to remind yourself of the platforms you are engaging on!

  • We sign up to so many social platforms, it’s good to have a tidy up.
  • Why did you join that social media platform… to see what was going on and that was that?
  • Let us help you see where you are at…

STEP 2 – Review your own activity with your mission in mind…

  • Are you on message or random in your approach to social?
  • If not engaging fully it might be worth culling that platform?
  • Do you need to join up your thinking and have a plan?

STEP 3 – If you don’t know the way ask a policeman! Ask Social Media Directors for an open & honest appraisal of what you are doing with some guidelines for moving forward.

  • One of our social media experts will review your engagement.
  • They will offer frank and straight forward thoughts on your engagement.
  • You can choose to ignore or take some nuggets from their words.

STEP 4 – Once we have helped you get to grips with how you use social the next step is to find out where your business contacts are hanging out with the SANITY Report.

  • Give us your business email address list and we’ll run it through our washing machine!
  • We only charge you for records returned… so if only 40% have additional profiles then we only charge you for those records.
  • You can then make sure you maximise your connectivity and find the thought leaders.

STEP 5 – Review and start your social media engagement:

  • Making contact through the relevant social media channels where there are gaps.
  • As you connect more broadly with your network you will feel more comfortable engaging on social media.
  • Through engagement you will learn more about your network.

STEP 6 – We can help you define your new social media engagement strategy:

  • What have you learned from engaging with your network.
  • Where are you likely to find new prospects online?
  • How should you be engaging with these people?

STEP 7 – Relationships take time… play the long game…

  • As you start orchestrating your social business networking into a symphony of quality social media engagement we’ll encourage you to start your own Slow Business Network.
  • Bringing people together both online and offline to share ideas around a topic enabling them to use your group as a foundation for growth.
  • It will be obvious who has lead the way.

STEP 8 – Do you feel like a thought leader… others will think of you that way!

  • People in the industry will be talking about you.
  • You’ll get invited to be part of industry events to share your wisdom.
  • Make the most of the opportunities and don’t forget how you got started 😉

Talk soon…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

P.S. What’s your SMD Index?

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