Is social media the catalyst or the amplifier?

Is it the start of something or the thing that really turns up the volume?

Does your lone tweet get seen? Or is it more for you than it is about expecting any real response?

I reckon that 1 in 1,000 of your followers will get to see an individual tweet… unless of course you tweet every minute and then perhaps 5 will be seen or none, as they delete from your feed as it proves just way too irritating at that rate of knots 😉

You have to be the catalyst, living and breathing your chosen subject, even if just for a season, you need to breathe life into your idea with hard work at constant repetition, asking everyone you meet, who cares to listen, what they think of your offering…

You’re allowed to tweak it as someone else’s angle appeals and you adjust your trajectory accordingly… it would be silly not to… but only from wise sages or innocent youth… not those resource eating consultants that hold the middle ground based on limited experience, simply the ability to talk and talk!

Use social media to amplify your message…

Just this week I have had a most amazing experience as a local council hot topic gathered momentum on Facebook…

The people of The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead are up in arms at the Deputy Leader who has seen a school he founded awarded £480,000 of local developer funding with other schools receiving nothing at all!

People were frustrated but now thanks to a petition posted by Catherine del Campo Osborn we have a focus for our anger and frustration, a document we can sign and feel we are actually moving forward.

I posted a blog on my I Love Windsor website and a few people had a look on Friday… I added it to Facebook on Saturday morning and because it’s a topic close to people’s hearts it ignited and over 1000 read it over the weekend.

I followed this up with another story on Monday at 5:30pm, adding it to the same 9 Facebook Groups I had previously and 1000 read it before mid-night!

Tuesday evening I did the same, a third story, this time writing a letter to The Mayor of The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead and asking for her thoughts… I’ve also sent her an email copy with links rather than images as I don’t think she engages on Facebook.

As I write this, those 3 stories have had over 3,500 page views since Friday afternoon… this is not just because of my energy but the accumulation of feeling that has built up over the last few months and everyone reminding everyone to tell everyone to at least sign the petition so action steps can either be taken by RBWM to make things right or by the people who will not be voting Tory in the next election.

If you’re interested in the detail, read the latest post, it leads to the others and the petition…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

P.S. What’s your SMD Index?

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