Simply Social Media

Simply Listening… Simply Sharing… Simply Planning… Simply Engaged… Simply Strategic… Simply find out more…

Simply Social Media

Social media has radically changed the way we communicate and if your company has yet to invest then you’re likely missing out on opportunities. The insights available through social media can enable a company to engage with customers, manage the brand, drive sales, and improve customer service.

As companies find themselves at different stages of social evolution we have a suite of options to support our clients through the smoke and mirrors, from their first tentative steps to monitor the landscape through to all-encompassing strategic marketing campaigns.

Simply Listening

  • We provide social media monitoring for your brand and keywords, delivering regular reports, highlighting key drivers and influencers.
  • Carry out a full diagnostic audit on your brand’s social media presence, outlining target groups and competitor analysis.

Simply Sharing

  • With limited resources you need someone else to manage your social media while you concentrate on building your business.
  • We will be a seamless part of your team to help achieve your marketing objectives.

Simply Planning

  • We will work with your teams to run brainstorms, workshops and training sessions to develop ideas, moderating sessions to harness the creativity that sits within your organisation.
  • Your sales & marketing teams need to get up to speed with latest developments in social media and how those insights can help drive more business opportunities.

Simply Engaged

  • We monitor millions of voices across multiple sources to remain vigilant of any opportunities or threats to your company enabling you to embrace engagement.
  • We alert the appropriate teams – customer service, sales, marketing – so you can be informed, take control of any issues and take action immediately.

Simply Strategic

  • We create strategic marketing plans through unique analysis of social media activity.
  • We embrace the opportunity social media offers our clients business to develop.
  • We deliver research to help our clients understand and engage with their audience.
  • Simply find out more…

    Thank you.

    Jon Davey
    “Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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