The SANITY Report gives you a handle on how your network is engaging on social media

When I appraised which channels 50 of my contacts were on they scored: AboutMe 27, Angellist 15, Bebo 0, Blogger 5, Delicious 9, Digg 2, Disqus 2, Facebook 41, Flickr 18, Foursquare 35, FriendFeed 18, GitHub 2, GoodRead 1, Google 1, Google+ 27, GoogleProfile 1, Gravatar 37, Instagram 2, Klout 49, LastFM 5, LinkedIn 45, MySpace 6, Piscasa 2,Pinterest 33, PlanCast 4, Plaxo 0, Posterous 2, Quora 8, Slideshare 7, SoundCloud 2, Steam 0, TripIt 1, Tumblr 9, Twitter 50, TypePad 1, Vimeo 10, WordPress 10, Yahoo 5, YouTube 21

How many social media platforms can you list? Most of us probably just half a dozen or so… which means when we look to profile an individual for business prospecting, recruitment or other reasons then we might find some of what we are looking for but what if their favourite platform is one we’ve missed?

Each of us will pick a favourite social media platform, most folk probably don’t have one as they can’t see the point, who is going to be interested in them?

Those running their own businesses will be “forced” to join the modern world and pick at least 2 or 3 social media platforms to join and participate in… most will join and then do very little but they can at least say, when asked at a networking event, what their Twitter handle is and how to find them on LinkedIn or Facebook.

BUT if you are in campaign mode and want to find the most influential people in your market place to share your news with then you need to know their favourite channel…

AND if you want to establish who in your current network is having social influence then you need to find out their social media platform handles so you can see what they are saying…

OR if you are looking to employ someone new and have 20 CV’s to read through… running a SANITY Report on their social activity would be an efficient starting point… you might bin an influential person because they spelt something wrong on their CV, could be an expensive mistake!

I ran a SANITY Report for my email newsletter list. 3,781 people had opened at least one of my recent email newsletters and 2028 returned more than just an email address… 54% have used the same email address to open their social channels.

Taking my top 50, I broke them down by the 39 social media platforms listed… and there were more!

All have Twitter accounts and over 80% have Facebook & LinkedIn profiles… the average top individual being registered to 10 social media platforms… fascinating reading…

How engaged with social media platforms are your email recipients? Best run a SANITY Report!

Turns out, my top performers are doing 358 tweets a month to over 17,000 followers. When did you last send a Tweet?

They have an average Klout score of 58 (a source that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the “Klout Score”), with top performers generally chasing it as part of their PR, 25% are female and 64% are based in the UK.

How long would it take you to research each person on each of the above platforms to see if those you are interested in knowing more about are registered to each channel? 39 channels … could take a couple of hours for each contact? How much time do you have to dig around?

What’s your time worth?

What would you pay for a SANITY Report on 20, 50, 100 email addresses?

Let’s talk about how we might be of service… we’ll happily give you a FREE SANITY Report on your email address… complete the SMD Index form here >>>

It doesn’t stop with just the data… we can upgrade from raw data into a world of social intelligence… what are your SANITY Report contacts talking about? Also, other leaders and followers in your world, what are they talking about? It can get really interesting and help you work out your longer term strategy of social media engagement.

What you waiting for?

Talk soon…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

P.S. What’s your SMD Index?

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