What Twitter Ads really tell you about your market place…

I took part in this year’s local elections and really enjoyed the banter both on and offline… here are a few lessons learned…

First lesson, some others may not play nicely in the playground! I had one of Windsor’s Tory Deputy Leaders block me from following his tweets. Little did he realise that if any were actually interesting and got RT’d then I’d see them loud and clear! Obviously I didn’t see him for the rest of the elections.

Another was that if I was living on the dark side then I could have simply set up Twitter Ads to only go to his Twitter followers. How irritating could that be him!

I got 198 votes, so figured if I knocked on every door over 5 years and got to know everyone then I’d stand a damn good chance of getting elected. Just need the time.

The key lesson was what Twitter told me about my neighbourhood, being Windsor darling, is that 83% of those accessing Twitter were doing so over an Apple device, i-Phone or i-Pad, 12.5% over Android device and less than 5% by desktop or laptop computers! This was on 34,000 impressions, so not a small sample.

A current UK campaign I am running is looking 55% iOS, 26% Android and 19% desktop or laptop. This is on 2711 impressions to date.

Both show that more and more people are choosing mobile first.

This insight was the foundations for exploring Strikingly.com as the latest in very mobile friendly website creation.

Let’s see how coolio their SEO is when we push out this story as our first blog. On our old site, in the old days, we had great SEO using a WordPress self hosted site but since most of the content was all about me I figured, this site needs to be all about us. So first off, only polite if I ask Nik & Mark, what are your thoughts on Twitter as a means of social engagement?

Thank you.

Jon Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

P.S. What’s your SMD Index?

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