Joining the dots to make your life simpler!

As you know I like writing articles and posting them on my blogs and as I mature I like to keep things as simple as possible 😉

A few months back I came across a new website tool which allowed me to create websites for mobiles and while it looked great on the mobile, tablet and PC the pages didn’t appear to be getting indexed by Google.

I don’t focus too much energy on SEO these days since it doesn’t necessarily deliver back what you exude in energy to achieve those top ranking positions, especially in the B2B space, but it is still important that the pages you are creating are getting indexed however far down the charts they are!

SEO is more relevant if you are selling red shoes and then the big corps with the big budgets will have it nailed for the most part so you’re probably better spending your time and resources on building up your brand name as quality solution / service B2B or B2C and let word of mouth generate enquiries.

i love windsor blog summer 2015

So over the weekend I moved my Social Media Directors site over to WordPress where for £15 a year they will host the domain and provide me with a multitude of free templates to choose from. I am using “Gazette” because it displays neatly on mobile, tablet or PC and for and it provides a great view of all the current stories…

the berkshire blog summer 2015

For I have opted not to have the blog page as the front page but to have a static home page with visitors clicking through to the blog page.

social media directors joined up thinking

Having a consistent page format makes it easier for me when thinking of how to bring a story together and also for you the readers when you are taken off to my different sites it is easier on the eye and thankfully the brain 😉

What would be great is for the new pages to start getting indexed by Google and so if you’d be so kind, click through to the website and click on one or two pages… then rather like a spider’s web Googles spiders will run across the links you create by your clicking and see what’s what in my world.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

P.S. What’s your SMD Index?

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