Electing a deputy leader using social media…

At the end of last week I got my email inviting me to vote for the new leader of the Labour Party… I paid my £3 allowing me to participate in the fun a month ago.

As well as the leadership choice you have to pick someone for deputy leader… how do you do that in 15 minutes? “Who are they?”

I joined in the process to do my bit to see Jeremy Corbyn as leader so that we have a real alternative choice in the next elections rather than current bunch of shades of blue… not even thought about the deputy leader… what to do?

Figured I’d base my choices on:

1. How easy they allowed me to get to know them…

The voting website gave links to their social channels so I clicked on their twitter feed to see what they were up to… starting with Tom Watson MP, he’d pinned a video of him saying, “Hi!” I tuned in, seems like a nice chap… let’s go see what the others have to say…

No easy access to videos for Stella Creasy MP or Ben Bradshaw MP… get with the programme guys!

Anglea Eagle MP and Caroline Flint MP had also pinned videos… hurrah…

2. How many Tweets had they favourited?

This tells me how interested they are in the comments of others… yes, they could be RTing and favouriting tweets about them but it’s a measure… one hopefully that demonstrates their ability to listen to the voice of others… Stella is obviously too busy looking in the mirror!

Tom Watson MP – 2752
Caroline Flint MP – 241 / 643
Angela Eagle MP – 103 / 272
Ben Bradshaw MP – 48
Stella Creasy MP – 3

3. What’s their stance on Fracking?

Caroline Flint MP is up for fracking as long as they wipe their feet on the way out… she’s going down my list! Angela Eagle MP is against it. Has Caroline not seen Ian Crane’s video “Voices from the Gasfields”? Have you?

4. The need for balance…

A man and a woman make for a perfect yin and yang…

1. Angela Eagle MP
2. Tom Watson MP
3. Ben Bradshaw MP
4. Caroline Flint MP
5. Stella Creasy MP

How you gunna pick?

Thank you.


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