Social Media is a better research than marketing tool

Do you worry about how often you tweet? Concerned about how frequently you post on LinkedIn? First job, stop worrying šŸ˜‰

I put it to you that social media is a better research tool than a marketing one.

While social media has its place in the marketing mix, it is far more useful as a research tool, allowing you to find out more about the people you’re targeting in a business. Be that a specific person or a job title…

So all you need to do to keep your social media engagement current is simply make sure you tweet something interesting weekly, or post on LinkedIn monthly to show you are still alive when folk bump into your social media profiles but donā€™t worry about pushing out 24/7… all that worrying will do is create a level of stress internally that is not worth the health bills that will follow!

Tweeting intelligently in a controlled and realistic way will resonate far better with people when they come to check you out… if they see tweets 1 second ago, 10 minutes ago, 1 hour ago, 3 hours ago, etc. then they will be wondering how the heck you get anything done.

People want to deal with busy people, not those with too much time on their hands, so get busy preparing a nice juicy virtual steak rather than squeezing out some virtual chopped liver!

Do you agree? Tell me what you think below…

Thank you.


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