Don’t hide your light under a bushel

Hands up all those that thought a bushel a bush of some description? You learn something new every day…

Point is if you are going to be successful in business then you need to live, breathe and sleep what you do and make sure those that need to know can see your light!

This is a slow, slow, quick, quick, slow process as you need to be taking the initiative in the early days, later others can spread the word once they know and then as you change direction you need to let them know again and take your time.

Email newsletters are OK but there is no substitute for having your own blog…

How many of the emails that land in your in box do you read? What is that dependent on? Your mood, what you have on your to do list, time of day, last conversation you had, so many things…

And when you read, how much do you read? The first few lines then move on… or do you drill down on the detail? Is that governed by what’s presented… do you read what’s on the page and click if you have mental time… so having as much of a story on the page as possible makes sense right?

This is why you need a blog… then when folk sign up for your blog they get the whole new blog sent to their in box in as one story… that means those that don’t click get to see as much as they need to without feeling followed 😉

Having a blog is all well and good but you need folk to sign up for it…

When you meet people out networking… you do that right?

Or when you talk to people on the phone, and are getting on just fine, ask if they’d like to get your blog posts… how can they say no and just watch awareness of you grow and grow 😉

6 under the bushel are worth 2 in the bush which equals how many in the hand?

Pick up that phone, turn the lights on in your head around your business and the light will shine right down that phone line… people will love your passion… they’ll be demanding your blog and hey, this time next year 😉

Need help getting your light from under the bushel?

Call me…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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