The Great British Business Show #TBS2015 gets even GREATER…

Well in my eyes at any rate… Keynote Hall 2 welcomes yours truly at 11:45 AM on Friday 4th December… what a hoot!

Pic shows Thursday 2PM, show called, they wanted this topic AM not graveyard 😉

The first time I played Olympia it was in Hall 16, talking about my One Boat project for The Philippines, after Yolanda hit and devastated the place… last year I was talking crowd funding and got into Hall 9… this year, the sentimental old fools have moved me into Hall 2 and the Premiership with…

Should Marketing Managers be getting Sentimental?
Analyse THIS…

Sentiment Analysis is critical in today’s marketing world… we’ll be looking at 3 case studies showing why you need to have your ear to the ground, listening to the social whirl, in order to protect your brand value. No big deal for small businesses but immensely important for global brands and those companies with aspirations to join them. Come and listen to what I have to say, you never know, it might come in handy one day and save or add you a million or two to the valuation!

Come on down >>>

Thank you.

07717 820823

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