The Business Show Hall 1, 11:45am Friday 4th December 2015

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It will be my privilege to present “Social Sentiment – Is Honesty the Best Policy?” next Friday, do join me…

social media weeks social media personality of the year 2011

Back in 2012 I won Social Media Week’s Social Media Personality of the Year much to the discussed of a bunch of jealous social media journalists at the time… you should have heard them on Twitter!

My fans voted because I sent a good old fashioned email to my readers who had been subscribed for up to 10 years and asked them to with words on the page and a video appeal… a month later I had won that year’s star prize 😉

social sentiment family

When I was a nipper we were told honesty was the best policy and this was reinforced by my dad being a Chief Superintendent and my mum being the school secretary! Nowhere to hide 😉

I’m using for my social measures where 10.3 is the average for an individual’s score on Twitter and 7.7 is the equilibrium for brands. I need to up my positive tweets!

Family comes in at 16.4 with “Is honesty the best policy?” scoring 52.9 shooting right out into the atmosphere of positively happy with hardly a smidgen of grumpiness about it 😉

social sentiment 90s

The late 80’s, early 90’s were good to me company car, all the petrol I could drink and 3-4 holidays a year and a mortgage of just £24k and little did I know it, I was a campaigner for truth.

Adverse publicity hit J&J sponsored by a main competitor and existing king of the contact lens market.

I was advised of my target for the following year after winning the last 2 or 3 sales competitions. Forget it, adverse publicity means it’s going quiet for 6 months, I’ll never do that. But that’s your target. It might be yours, here’s my forecast.


Twenty years of self employed has followed with success and failure in equal measure, ensuring resilience for future campaigns.

social sentiment amanda palmer art of asking

While Crowd Funding a few projects last year, I was inspired to read about Amanda Palmer raising over £1,000,000 for her album by offering many variations on gifts with the aim of raising £100,000 to self produce her second album.

The reality was people gave her money because they loved her for her… obviously she ended up spending the balance on making the gifts even better and the videos for the album even better… using it to add value rather than fill her own boots 😉

social sentiment harry styles

Harry saw the chance to help and did so knocking 10% off the share value of Seaworld and reinforcing California’s position, preventing breeding and so changing the world from just 15 seconds of video captured and shared by his millions of fans.

social sentiment im a celebrity

So how can we use this information to forecast the future? What the world thinks about his or that? How much will investors invest? Or how much love is in the air? What do the people really want?

I’ve put £10 on Duncan Bannatyne at 11-1 to win… let’s see if I’m still smiling in a few weeks 😉

social sentiment csr

A few years ago Corporate Social Responsibility was all the rage. Today it’s expected that corporate businesses will put energy into the local communities in which they operate.

But woe betide them if they put a foot wrong…

social sentiment vw

VW recently caught a huge global cold that turned into flu… currently standing at -42.0, they had lost 50% off their share value at the lowest point… mind you, the money men know we have a short memory, have seen that figure as low and started to buy, buy, buy.

social sentiment apple

Apple have been accused of avoiding tax so they are maybe not shining as brightly as they could but so what!

social sentiment amazon

Amazon apparently treating their staff appallingly still sees them shining brightly because people only remember things for a short while and then the convenience of what is offered is remembered and all is forgiven… unless your mum works there!

social sentiment nestle

Nestle have been in trouble for years… baby milk in the 80s… rain forests and habitats more recently but just look at their score?

social sentiment carbon coach

What we need to be doing is sharing the positive news about people who don’t have billion pound PR budgets to get their friends tweeting but who have a positive message for the world… check out and big up @CarbonCoach #COP21

social sentiment jeremy corbyn david cameron

When it comes to politics, being the party in power means you can take the high ground and all things you share can be given a positive flavour, especially if you have a million pound communications team around you ensuring you are on message.

social sentiment politcal parties

But then how do people feel about the parties, rather than the individuals and who is making the right noises?

Corbyn might not be flavour of the month for the media but it would very much appear he is the people’s champion?

social sentiment holidays

So where to holiday next year Afghanistan or USA?

People love their pets…

social sentiment honesty is the best policy

Social Sentiment is telling us that “Honesty IS the BEST Policy” flying in with a +52.9 on the scales of life.

So the best thing you can do, rather than keeping quiet, say what you’ve got to say on social media, share via your preferred social media channels but say something… this will ensure accurate measures of social sentiment can be created and then used to, who knows, maybe even self govern in the future, letting the people decide on everything rather than leaving it in the hands of those who need some new tyres on their Bentleys!

social sentiment thank you notes

If this blog helped you gain a better understanding of social sentiment and how it might add value to the world then please could you SHOUT OUT about the work of Dr Emoto who sadly passed away this year.

He established that sounds & words have an impact on water and when you reflect on the fact that we are made up of mostly water then you can see how positive social sentiment can make a real difference to each an everyone of us.

Let’s hear those tweets, tag me in @jondavey and let’s make the world a better place 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

P.S. I’ll be delivering this presentation on Friday 4th December at The Business Show, Olympia in Hall 1 at 11:45am if your going, pop by and say hello

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