Back in the 80’s it was down to them, not me, to make it interesting…

Back in the 80’s we’d share the news on the latest nightclub or pub to open its doors and it would become the cool joint for 6 months and then another would take it’s place.

The 10 year old clubs that hadn’t had a refit would keep pedalling, attracting the same clients each week and if they were spending all well and good. If not the landlord would sell to another landlord with a great idea…

Point was it was down to the venue to make it interesting…

Just been made aware I have dropped a few points on my LinkedIn Social Selling Dashboard and this made me sad ;( But then I have spent years on LinkedIn and found I get my best results, not from blowing the wind up someone’s rear but simply by approaching those who might have an interest in what I have to offer.

This Utopia of people sharing your greatness with others is from the book of Walt Disney’s financiers who know how to pick a pocket or two. The reality is more like the food banks we see springing up everywhere to help those in need who can’t find paid work because of all the cheap labour that is crossing the border.

You can’t say that Jon, that’s racist… you tell those poor women in Cologne that with their feminist Mayor blaming them for their actions… not sure she’ll be getting the vote next time around!

Best way to engage is in real time with real people as it always has been.

Mind you, I will be interested to see if spending 30 minutes a day sharing the thoughts of others ups my SSI score, which in turn increases those viewing my profile, creating real conversations that are likely to turn into cash and so ends up giving me my £40 back that I currently invest in LinkedIn to enable me to engage more smoothly with their world.

Could be that like the clubs of old, LinkedIn is the one that needs to pull its finger out and make the platform more engaging if what it is after is people using it more like Facebook. If all it wants is more engagement so it can say to recruiters look at all this engagement, you best pay us more, then it might just fall flat on its face.

But God loves a trier… can we say that in 2016… not sure, I’ll wait for the sirens!

Thank you.


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