Learning to drive on social media

Friday I took our Chloe out for a driving lesson and it reminded we can’t worry too much about what others are thinking, we have to just focus on what we’re doing…

There can be a tendency to feel the pressure to be with what appears to be / feels like the natural flow and so we might do things we don’t feel truly comfortable with… don’t allow the bullies to win, chill and do it your way.

The PR departments of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter would have us believe that most people just can’t get enough of those channels… the reality is somewhat different.

There may be many who have set up accounts but to what extent people use them is mainly based on their comfort with the channel… most accounts are not used, they are just there… so most people are really not all that engaged, that means any engagement is above average 😉

Social is great for online retailers to get their products out there and for others who have bought their stuff to say great and not so great things about it but it’s also great for just chatting to old friends.

Probably its best use is for finding out more about potential clients / employees…

Unless you are a slave to your mobile and just can’t put it down, then the chances are you are dipping in and out of social at a time that suits you for just a few minutes at a time… so if you’re tapping in for 10 minutes a day what are the chances that they are the 10 minutes when your perfect client with the perfect pain for your solution is tapping in?

Best thing you can do is stop worrying about everyone else and focus on your world…

To get the most from social you need to explore it for yourself with a little guidance from a friend… probably a different friend for the various channels… and then explore under your own steam and see what’s what and how that fits with your world.

Relax and enjoy the process of learning and please don’t believe all the hype, most people still prefer to talk in real time face to face… so why not pop round and see a pal, ask them how much they really engage on social and to what extent over a brew or two 😉

Thank you.


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