What is the half life of Social Media? The million dollar question!

Is the half life of social media engagement a flicker of what it once was or purported to be? Might cost a few quid to find out…

When I walked the streets, knocking on the doors of Marketing Directors 15 years ago talking email marketing, many would look at me like I had three heads and ask “Why would I spend £1,000 with you and not be sure of my return, when I know that if I spent £10,000 with a traditional mailing company that will get me a small but measurable return, preventing my neck from being placed in the noose as every other marketing director before me has spent on mail shots? Do I look stupid?”

You need those that are brave to step forward and I found enough to build a successful business… well, for a few years at least, until all the scaredy cats jumped on the band wagon and the unit price fell through the floor! Bollocks!!

Yesterday, while walking my pooch, I bumped into one of my neighbours who has two Masters degrees and has just finished a Doctorate… makes me feel tired just typing such words… whatever floats your boat I guess 😉

We were reflecting on business today and how so, soo, sooo many companies are funded by greedy VCs who love the words coming out of the millennial mouths about social this and social that so they hand over bundles of cash with a calculated dream of oddles of cash in their bins next week…

We have 10,000 followers, 100,000 loves, a MILLION likes… give us more investment a billion should see us to profit…


Tumbleweed… didn’t have a picture of that but remembered this image 😉

Hey guys, check out this new app, it does all that the previous one did and more, it adds a million likes a day all by itself, get your money into this, my new vision of things to come or yet to be… a promise of a brighter tomorrow… sounds like an EU Utopia!

summer olympics dorney

Maybe, just maybe we need to just remember how this stuff works… at the centre is one person and around them a few people who know, like and trust them… this is mirrored outwards until we have a place for communication that can be jolly useful to the “COMMUNITY” that has built up around it.

Serving your community is what rocks, not servicing the platform.

Why do you think LinkedIn ignores all the whingers in the “Group Moderator Community” and focuses in on the needs of those happy to part with hard currency to find new recruits.

Get real with your social media engagement and first think what you are trying to achieve and consider how you can best get to your destination.

smile and dial jon davey

Could be that knocking on a door is the best way to get there… god forbid!

Crack on…

Thank you.


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