What’s hot blog content today in your town right here, right now?

Choosing what stories to post on your blog today really needs to be based on what’s happening that folk are / will be interested in TODAY?

Last week in Windsor, Her Majesty was celebrating her birthday and the eyes of the world were on her & Windsor.

I wrote a post each day and shared them out locally via Facebook and over 1000 individuals took the time to click, ready and enjoy… here are the current top 10 showing views in the last 7 days:

Happy Birthday Your Majesty #Queenat90 658 views
Happy Birthday Your Majesty #Queenat90 THE BIG DAY 488 views
St George’s Day 2016 events in Windsor 419 views
Home page 107 views
Happy Birthday Your Majesty, nice cup of Yorkshire Tea? 92 views
23rd April to become Prince George of Cambridge’s Official Birthday 62 views
Carrie Jane Needs YOUR Pretty Eyes on this… 36 views
What is RBWM Tory Leader David Burbage MBE interest in my campaign? 36 views
Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill 24 views
Why does Simon Dudley believe his school can have £480,000 while others get NOTHING? 11 views

St George’s Day 2016 events in Windsor was flying high all over the weekend. I’d invited local businesses to add a few words back in March but they didn’t listen and completely missed out on an opportunity… short sighted but then, if it’s not a local business but a branch of a bigger retail chain then they wouldn’t be allowed to post anything anyway… and since the bulk of Windsor retailers are big retailers, that would help explain the lack of activity.

Something to ponder mind, are you making the most of local opportunities?

In 6th place we have my latest campaign which will go into full swing once we get the nod from the parliamentary website that I haven’t written anything that doesn’t comply with their rules.

7th is over to a local lass whose mum responded to my twitter quiz during the royal celebrations and she’s had a couple of additional invites to showcase her music as a result… happy days.

What’s that in 8th place? A local councillor resign last week, I’ve been advised not as voluntary as his blog might suggest… and searches for his name bring up our little blog… so that might be a story worthy of additional effort.

It would also seem 10th spot is featuring another councillor who might be trying to keep their head down at this time… I do hope they have a clean sweep of the current senior team and bring in some fresh blood that has more of a community, less of a self interest approach to town management.

Rather a yummy story in 9th, featured the previous week which has had nearly 100 views in total.

Start yourself a town or area blog and write about local interest stories and watch them return year after year, note the story about Her Majesty and Yorkshire Tea coming back after a couple of years snoozing… the video has been watched nearly 4000 times and the page viewed nearly 300 times since publication.

Happy to be a sounding board if you have any questions.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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