Social Media 2017 – Time for REAL TIME ACTION!

To appreciate where we are going it makes sense to look at what has been in…

So what’s so different in the world of social media in 2016 compared to 2006? Did I have more hair? Definitely less collar! 


We published this video on 10th September 2006 and posted it on our website… our site appeared to have great stats, but turned out they were not as accurate as we might have wanted… nothing’s changed there then!


Green screening back in February 2008, my, we were ahead of the game in more ways than one… I’m always trying something new and testing, testing, testing… it’s the only way to see what’s what in the maze of social media options.


Recently I ran a Twitter campaign for local barber and got responses from Ireland and the good old USA when it was “targeted” at EX10… hey but Twitter managed to use up the marketing budget (£10).

Event was Fri 2nd Dec, late night shopping so built up available spend starting with 10p a click… I know, twitter recommends £2 to £4 or whatever but starting low and building up does encourage it to get sweeter in my experience… timing… I’ll try Twitter again later next year, see if it’s ready for SME budgets then.

Forget the numbers, it’s about quality conversations and this means that your social media offerings need to be:

1. Just in Time
2. On the Money
3. Totally Engaging
4. Listening
5. And Leaving the Recipient Wanting More

How funny is that, just scribbling this and a Tweet landed from Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist…

Reaffirming points 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5…

1. Just in Time – I was pondering how to illustrate the 5 points 😉

2. On the Money – It literally brought a tear to my eye because I look up to Graham Jones as the man who knows more about this online stuff than any other person in my eco system

3. Totally Engaging – An Award from someone I respect… I had no choice but to respond and share!

4. Listening – I responded to his tweet within a minute! Fate obviously helping out with the timing 😉

5. And Leaving the Recipient Wanting More – I asked when the ceremony would be! My dad got a real MBE from Her Majesty when I was at college and we drove down to Buckingham Palace from Leeds! But then when I won Social Media Week’s Social Media Personality of the Year Award in 2012 there was no dinner, just a piece of bling which I can bring out as it feels right! I guess I now have 2 respected bits of bling and I’ll buy Graham a pint / cup of tea the next time we bump into each other…

So what’s different to 10 years ago? It’s all speeding up and is now REAL TIME…


Real Time Video

Back in 2006 we had to put the video in the can, a professional had to edit it and then reduce the file size for online consumption, we then loaded to YouTube as the only real option.

Today you can go real time video on Facebook & Instagram, sharing your message with the world as you feel the vibe… no need to edit professionally as folk know it’s real time and so not only accept but actually are happy for it to be less polished… you just need to ensure you’ve shaved if you have a HD camera 😉


Real Time News

Back in 2006 we could load up our news story to our blog or Content Management System (our BinB platform) and then we’d have to add the content to our email newsletter for dispatch… this could have been daily but was preferred 2x weekly… we tried it, lots of unsubscribes when daily as felt a bit intense for the time!

It would then take us 24 hours min to get indexed, most folk were taking 3 months, we caught a wave with BinB as our email audience signed up for free accounts which gave them space on the CMS. Over 500 accounts were set up in 3 months… ended up with me inside the castle for the Royal Wedding… go figure!

People would then search for information on a topic and those with the most pages would fly up and dominate the reader’s choice.

Today, while many will search on Google, most social media savvy users are likely to head over to Twitter and use a relevant hash tag #socialmedia2017 giving them a stream of possibly hundreds / thousands of sources, all randomly indexed based on when someone posts or it gets ReTweeted.


Real Time Prospecting

LinkedIn was a one pager back in those days… the home to techies looking for that next coding job, it was the furthest thing from “Totally Engaging” but today it’s getting there…

Millions of people now have an account… anyone looking for that next role has to have an account if they are going to be taken seriously by their prospective employer!

This makes it the perfect hunting ground for finding people you want to talk to in real time about this, that or the other.

Twitter can also help in this using the # but it is easy to get lost in a world of noise, clicking on this and that for hours!


Real Time Home

Home is where the heart is… the beat you give your social media needs to be authentic and real or you’re sure to catch a cold and I’m not sure this has changed much in the last 10 years… Keep it Real!

I use WordPress as the centre of my social media universe… what I like about it is the fact that people can sign up for or out of direct communications as they see fit and you have to play second fiddle… the reader is very much in control… I like that.

Today technology allows you to share your news faster and through more social media channels than ever before… within seconds of pressing “POST” all those that are tuned into your world have the chance to hear it through their own favourite channel…

While a few thousand could hear in 2006 and a few million in 2011, in 2016 we are into billions and while probably only 20% of your followers are listening in real time today, tomorrow that could be substantially more and if “Totally Engaging” then others may RT… and if “Just in Time” & “On the Money” then you could very well hear the kerching of a virtual till going off somewhere in the world with your name all over it 😉


So where is social media going in 2017?

It’s getting very real time and so you’d best be on message or you could catch a very real virtual cold!

Choose your specialism wisely, one you are happy talking about 24/7 so that you can respond in real time when asked for your thoughts…

Share what happened as part of your blog with links to key elements so your main fan base can tune in at a time that suits them… chances are they are not tuning in in real time, they’ll have other fish to fry.

And most of all, enjoy the ride!

Thank you.

07717 820823

P.S. If you would like to discuss any of the above or your own social media / marketing automation challenges then I’m only a phone call or tweet away 😉

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