How much of your Text Marketing budget are you wasting?

The guys over at MobileCheck reckon that between 10-20% mobile numbers decay per year, which can translate to large sums of money simply being poured down the proverbial plug hole!

Try out their calculator with your numbers >>>

Need a bit more technical jargon?

What is HLR Checking?

HLR Lookup uses a global system to check the real time status of any GSM mobile phone number. By making a query to the Home Location Register (HLR), the service determines:

• Current status of the number (Active, switched off or dead)
• Current network
• Original network
• Roaming information

All mobile phone operators are connected by a network known as the Signalling System No. 7 network (SS7). The SS7 forms the backbone of the SMS text messaging system, and it is used by mobile phone operators to exchange information.


That’s enough of that already, try out the calculator >>>

Then give them a call 01442 590800 or fill out the
contact form.

Thank you.


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