New Year, I’m wondering about a new approach?

I’ve been connecting with marketing automation professionals for the last couple of months. Some are fresh out of college, some senior directors and a number of consultants. You all have different interests, motivations, challenges…

The original aim of my activity was to gauge the state of the market but I’ve bumped into a number of people needing alternative solutions and those also looking for new projects.

With my community experience I believe there is mileage in joining a few dots by being a central cog through my blog?

Appreciating that much of the time those looking for consultants and those already in roles looking for a change may want a high level of privacy, we can accommodate this using blog technology.

Any post we push out gives no contact details, just details of the role or generic skills if candidate… at the bottom is a form that gets completed and sent to me. Qualified with a quick phone call and then passed on to the relevant person.

Mixing up job / consultancy posts / candidates, with news on new Marketing Automation platforms and blogs by members of our community would make for interesting reading and could lead to many opportunities being shared.

In your opinion is this already well addressed by existing organisations or is there room for a new approach?

Have you got a blog post on Marketing Automation you’d like to share with the world?

Fill in the form below and I’ll make contact to gather the information.

Happy New Year.

Thank you.


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