LinkedIn is like Fly Fishing NOT Grouse Shooting

I’m always experimenting to see what happens when I probably know the answer already but you have to test, test, test…

I’ve been hooking up with those in the marketing automation space during November & December saying, “Hi, let’s connect” and many have accepted my personal invitation to get closer…

Some I invited to follow my blog… no-one did BUT two did disconnect from me… bugger!

Others I invited to join my Social Media Directors Marketing Automation Network LinkedIn Group and a significant percentage said “Why the heck not…”

So the moral to this story is KISS “keep it simple stupid…”

Don’t try to drive the “grouse” out of the heather into the clear blue moorland sky because they have seen what has happened to others who have then been spammed to death by “small lead balls” in the form of emails about absolutely nothing of interest what so ever!


Encourage them to follow the same river bed, feeding them small bite size morsels as they swim down river… everyone will be far happier and contented, feeling in control of their own destiny and not looking over their shoulder for the farmer with his gun…

Thank you.


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