Have you found your 3rd Knipple yet…

Keep searching! Everyone needs to believe in their third eye or they might end up feeling a bit of a tit 😉

It’s the way I tell ‘em! Must be down to having my first proper job with Nestle… that’s what you did back in the 80’s when The Clash were Rocking the Casbah and George was carelessly whispering all over the place.

You really gotta have Faith and believe in your third eye… that “mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight” according to Wikipedia… if you believe in all that mumbo jumbo.

As JP Morgan once said, “Millionaires don’t use Astrology, billionaires do!”

I’ve just got off the phone with Simon Jacobs, who hasn’t even heard of his third eye, he’s too busy having it large in London, having moved down from Manchester after receiving an offer he couldn’t refuse! At 24 he’s too young to be getting all mystical about life, the universe and everything, that kicks in at 42… he’ll have changed the world by then at the rate he’s going…

Camelot’s new “Strategy & Innovation” man whose job it is to get into the heads of 16-24 year olds and make them think happy thoughts about Camelot and be drawn over to their base camp as 24-36 year olds are drawn to Facebook, 36-50 year olds to Corrie on ITV, 51-70 to the BBC News and 70+ their favourite thought limiting broadsheet!

He got started early… blogging under the website “The 3rd Knipple” and talking about being a student, passing his driving test, getting clobbered on insurance (they do do insurance in Manchester, it’s not Liverpool y’kna 😉 ) His classmates wanted a piece and joined in the blogging until someone said something stupid and that was that… Head Teacher bottled it and took away the keyboard!

Off to Nottingham to do a degree in International Business which proved ‘kin boring so he had an idea for a student Dragons Den event and slam dunked it… so much so that the dragon wanted a serious slice, an estate agent joined in and the business is still running today…

But that’s not enough for SJ, one of his brands will be going global… he wanted more and thought I know, I’ll approach recruitment agents, they’ll know how to position me… yeah right… he didn’t fit nice and neatly into one of their square cash boxes… too gifted for those mere mortal limitations he had an idea…

“The Agencies need to see me… I’ll send my boat race to all the agencies in Manchester and stand out from the crowd…” he made 20 face masks, obviously sending one to his mum, and the rest to local marketing agencies landing 10 meetings to pitch himself… they all came back with traditional boxes for him to fit in and he’s like “Our Marketing Guys Limited, that’s what I’m doing next… me, myself and I!”

His unique brand of self belief and innovation secured a bunch of invitations to talk to business people and students of all ages and as luck would have it, one day he’s in a room doing his ‘ting and the guys from Camelot happened to be in the room making notes…

Roll forward a few months and he’s now trying some moves with an organisation with serious ɡəʊnads that will obviously lead to greatness by the time he’s 30.

‘Av it son… and let me know if you need help thinking through any of those ideas… my day rates are very competitive and my thought process, like yours, priceless 😉

Thank you for the interview.


One thought on “Have you found your 3rd Knipple yet…

  1. Just read this. I have now reached three score years and ten, have never looked. Am I too late? Think, My Old Man’s a Dustman – too young? Ask around?

    Seriously, good to hear from you. We are at T5, Heathrow en route to Delhi. Adrian is in Amritsar but too far to meet. He’d only want to check if I had received the polio vaccine!



    Philip Turner iPad e-mail



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