LinkedIn’s No1 Story Teller moves to Devon

How can story telling help you to make new business connections when you move towns while helping a good cause locally? Here’s how…

ali and jon davey sidmouth beachWe recently moved to Sidmouth in Devon and one of the first things I did was join the local Rotary Club… love Rotary, the energy of the people who join is very positive and infectious.

Last year’s dinner at Sandy Park raised thousands for local charities when one of the Sid Valley Rotarian’s son’s gave a talk on flying Typhoons to the 250 black tie dinner dance guests… you always get an OOO with Typhoo 😉


This year Rob Baxter has agreed to give the keynote at a black tie dinner dance. Rob is Head Coach of the Exeter Chiefs and has done amazing things for the club, taking them to the Grand Final of the Aviva Premiership on 2016.

I volunteered to be part of the team, not the Exeter Chiefs, the Rotary event committee! But how could I help, my business network is / was over in Berkshire, I knew nobody locally…

“He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.”


I’m a fan of LinkedIn for making new connections and so figured I could initially filter by Exeter Company Directors with 10+ employees who mention “rugby” in their profile… this delivered 143 people…

I needed to connect to them so I could forward more details (you can only send a 300 character invite to connect)… I came up with…

Good morning / afternoon NAME

I’d like to tell you about the Sid Valley Rotary Black Tie Charity Event at Sandy Park where Rob Baxter is our guest speaker.

Please accept this invitation to connect and I can share more…

Thank you.


I sent out 143 invitations on the 24th January and by the 31st over 30% have accepted my invitation, 42 people have been sent the follow up email…

Thank you for connecting NAME

The dinner is on Friday 24th February

It’s £55 per head or £500 for a table of 10

There are opportunities to sponsor a table at £50

And we are looking for prizes that money can’t buy…

Will be a great night… so who are you going to invite to join you?

I can get one of the organising committee to phone you if that helps… send over phone number and good time to call.

Thank you.


A few have come back and said that they can’t make the date and next week I will follow up with the other 38 to ask if they would like to book a few seats / table… initially by email and then probably by phone.

It occurred to me that I could expand on this…

I offer sales & marketing services, helping folk tell their story to a wider audience…


Logic tells me that most sales & marketing directors would be interested to hear how effective LinkedIn has been in this process… especially if it is dealing with a local topic which they, or someone they know, will have an emotional connection with.

So I have filtered the data again on LinkedIn’s Navigator and there are 445 Sales & Marketing Directors in Exeter, most of whom are now going to get this invitation to connect… I’m already 1st connections with 11 of them!

Good morning NAME

We moved to Sidmouth recently and I would like to connect so I can share interim results of some recent marketing activity I engaged in relating to LinkedIn and Exeter Chiefs you might find interesting.

Then again!

Thank you.

07717 820823


And if you accepted my invitation then you’ll be reading this story along with my wider network who have chosen to follow either my EX10 or SMD blogs … I will probably push out on for good measure 😉

If you’d like me to contact you to discuss how we might engage this process for your own business. Work through your story and who’d be interested in hearing it… I’m happy to work this as a project under my own steam or to deliver it as a training workshop for your existing teams.

Complete the form or call me 07717 820823

Thank you.

07717 820823

P.S. The No 1 claim… you become No 1 by telling people you are and believing it yourself… learned that from The UK’s #1 Motivational Speaker, Brad Burton 😉

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