So Marketing Automation will make you a billionaire overnight right?

If we choose to believe all the hype around marketing automation then all we need to do is buy into one of half a dozen systems and by the end of the week we’ll be churning out hundreds of thousands of orders… the world is our oyster… ha, ha, ha!

The young fellow above saw the opening in this thinking and is now making £1 from every click someone is making when searching “how to become an overnight millionaire” 😉

The reason he is looking so healthy is not because his mum is buying some chemical compound presented as a nutritional supplement… she actually buys her vegetables from the local farm shop and prepares to cook them with love… that’s what is making him so happy… the £1m a month from click through revenue they give to charity mate!

Marketing Automation is a system that given the right ingredients has the ability to make your organisation more efficient in its processes… the net impact on results will not be determined by the speed of implementation but by the real thought and care that goes into understanding the customer journey from the outset.

Key to this is not assuming that everyone is “stupid” and will automatically follow the pathway as outlined and dictated by the marketing director, agreed & signed off by the team last week. We are all unique individuals and will be influenced by all the random noises around us as they trigger memories of old and innate wisdom yet to come.

Just think about the variety of marketing channels that are created by a team of engineers, given exposure to the world and then subsumed into a corporate social media marketing organisation, constantly on the search for potential competitive threats that are either sunk or added to the social whale as it swims around the planet… you could literally just spend your time observing this and you’d never have a dull day!

First off, people deal with people and so you need to be selective in your social platforms, choosing half a dozen that fit in with your existing / prospective client profile… no point in talking to people who are not interested in your shiny new ting or via a platform that has 2 viewers 😉

Then each environment is likely to need to a different tone of voice based on the nature of that audience. It seems to me that people join platforms at different times and would rather not switch channel and so each has to be looked at with that audience profile in mind.

Emails are hitting our inbox at an ever increasing rate of knots and so it makes sense to send the same email more than once to maximise the impact. Writing this, I currently have 13,643 unread emails in the gmail account… there was a time when I hated having any unread messages and would always zero it out!

Different organisations have bought into a range of legacy systems and will they all bolt together? Probably not… do they need to? Probably not, as it can be good to have human checks and balances in place to ensure the machines aren’t ruling our world.

When it comes to marketing automation then being joined up makes more sense but again, it is important that humans are ensuring that the recipients of any communications are “feeling the love” and that it’s not simply automated for automation’s sake.

It’s about the story telling, rather like Disney creating messages that tickle both grownups and kids alike, to ensure your fan base is on message and enjoying the programme.

Obviously if you are selling toxic waste to a bunch of idiots then crack on, get your line of single messages in place and just watch the orders roll in.

If on the other hand your prospects that turn into clients need more tlc then make sure you are giving them a much more tailored experience, ensuring you and your world live happily ever after.

Thank you.

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