Measuring Current Social Media Engagement Nov 2017

Let’s get a measure of the social whirl that folk are engaging in today…

In the mid-noughties loads of us set up Twitter accounts but how many bother with them today… I know some folk swear by it and others really can’t be bothered anymore. Apparently many young people don’t use mobile voice calls!

Just trying to get a fix on where my energy should be spent when it comes to social media… figured you might find it useful too.

So please report using simple initials for the various social media, communication solutions:

Email – E
Facebook – F
Instagram – I
LinkedIn – L
Mobile Texting – M
Mobile Voice – V
Pinterest – P
SnapChat – S
Twitter – T
Youtube – Y

And Frequency Check / Use:

Monthly – M
Weekly – W
Daily – D
Real-Time – RT

So my summary would look something like:


Complete the form if you’d rather be anonymous or just add as a comment if you are happy to share… I will then aggregate the information in a week or so and report back on the general measure of things.

Thank you.


Photo by Rachael Crowe on Unsplash

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