Why should you pay for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator?

I re-engaged my Sales Navigator membership yesterday because I’m on a mission…

I’m looking a starting a regular monthly networking event geared around Sales & Marketing Directors of companies in the Berkshire area and so wanted to connect with more of them.

Running a query tells me there are over 2000 people who match this profile who are 2nd connections to me on LinkedIn.

Yesterday morning I came up with a short intro and sent it out to 200 people who matched my criteria and already 66 have shown an interest in wanting to know more and have become 1st connections, received more information on the event and invited to join the Business in Berkshire group.

Welcome to the new guys & gals… as with most other groups on LinkedIn there is no amazing amount of activity on the group but most folk are too busy to be spending too much time on LinkedIn, while others use it very much as a sales & marketing channel to varying degrees of success.

I will be putting more energy into the group as a natural consequence of using it as a promotional / engagement vehicle around the events… so do take time to pop by on a weekly basis to see what’s being discussed.

Back to why pay for LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator? Well by the time I’ve invited the 2000 to connect and say 30% do so… fair to assume 50% just because I asked but the other 50% will have given it more thought and have a real interest in what I am proposing.

And I’m obviously not restricted to using it just for the event… I’ll be using it to reach out to those in the tender world who might be looking for some third party help with tenders and just waiting for me to say hi!

Not sure there are many other environments where you can achieve these kinds of levels of engagement… ping out an email to 200 people and you’ll be lucky if 10 bother to open it.

Well that’s my experience and the reason I’ll be active for at least the next 28 days 😉

What are your thoughts on Sales Navigator?

Thank you.


Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash


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