Tendr Gwasanaeth Cyfieithu Llinell Gymorth y Gymraeg yn cau 14 Mawrth 2018

Welsh Language Support Line Translation Service Tender closes 14th March 2018.

The Client’s vision is to achieve a situation whereby in 2050 there will be 1 million Welsh speakers, an increase of c 400,000 on the figure reported in the 2011 decennial Census. Realising this vision, as outlined in the strategy document Cymraeg 2050, entails a large scheme of work to:

-increase the numbers of Welsh speakers

-increase opportunities for Welsh speakers and learners to use Welsh, and to

-create a climate where the Welsh language is easy to use in all types of services, and other types of interaction.

To support this scheme of work, the Client wishes to establish a new, public-facing, support service to aid the use of the Welsh language. The service will operate within the Welsh Government’s Business Wales branch. The service will offer practical support and guidance to organisations and individuals on how to increase or improve their Welsh language provision as well as a free short translation and text-checking service.

To this end, the client is searching for a supplier or suppliers to provide this service.

The service will offer translation and transcreation (creative translation) of a wide range of materials, for different clients, in a number of different writing styles. For example, you may be requested to provide content for posters, menus, signage, slogans or social media posts potentially requiring the use of specialist vocabulary e.g. text for use by surgeries. Based on previous experience of providing a similar service, the materials for translation will usually be short passages of text, often of high impact, which call for a high quality service within often tight timescales.

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