ORDNANCE SURVEY need a Geospatial Animation Specialist closes 16th March 2018

Ordnance Survey is seeking to contract a high class geospatial animation company in order to increase our capacity to engage with OS customers, partners, and stakeholders.

We want to contract an expert team to create concepts, then manipulate the wide variety of GI data formats and files in order to deliver first class geospatial visualisation work.

We appreciate the extra dimension that powerful visuals bring to our compelling story both in GB and abroad. OS uses the gamete of video techniques to explain our work already and on many platforms (social media, corporate, broadcast, conference). It’s quite a range from 10 second clips for twitter or VLOGs (one was a white board explainer on why the height of Ben Nevis had changed!); we support the on-line and broadcast community (news, lives and documentaries) by delivering our own high quality video B-roll/video news release (VNR); we make high end corporate and graphics based content too. This contract is the opportunity to collaborate as our geospatial visualisation provider to establish a distinct graphical style which can be seeded throughout our work.

Find out more >>>

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