British Tourist Authority Social Media Monitoring, Management and Analytics Tool Tender Closes 19th March 2018

VB and VE are currently reviewing our Social Media tools with the aim of reducing down from multiple tools to just one which can cover all of our requirements to increase efficiency for various departments across VB and VE including marketing, corporate and analytics.

VB/VE have multiple social media channels, currently there are:
•16 Facebook pages
•12 Instagram accounts
•10 Twitter Accounts
•2 Pinterest accounts
•2 YouTube channels
•1 Weibo account
•1 Wechat account

Some pages are managed from the London office and others are managed in market (for example in the GCC or China).

Our requirements fall into four main categories:
•Social listening
•Generic requirements

BTA invites proposals for platforms that can meet our requirements. This tender is conducted via the Government’s Contracts Finder procedure. Offers are invited for a contract of up to 3 years, on the basis of annual review for renewal and therefore a “1+1+1” contract.

Find out more >>>

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