Copernicus Communications Services Public Outreach Activities Tender Closes 20th March 2018

Copernicus Communications Services Lot 3: Public outreach activities.

ECMWF as the entrusted entity for the delivery of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) and Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) invites tenders for the provision of ‘Copernicus Communications Services’.

The focus of the ITT is on the provision of communications services in order to assist and reinforce regular ECMWF Copernicus Department communication and outreach activities for both Copernicus Climate Change Service and Atmosphere Monitoring Service.

The successful bidder(s) shall develop and deliver communications activities for a wide range of target audiences including policy-makers, scientific community, media and general public. The ITT has 3 Lots (Lot 1: Events activities, Lot 2: Press activities, Lot 3: Public Outreach activities)

Tenderers may bid for one or more lots. Lot 3: Public outreach activities:The successful bidder for Lot 3 shall develop and execute wide range of ECMWF Copernicus department public outreach activities. Those activities include but are not limited to developing written and multimedia content for CAMS and C3S websites; developing design and content for printed publication; executing social media activities and providing support for the organization of public outreach events such as pan-European roadshows in Copernicus member states in the Lot 1.

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