Bridgend County Borough Council Communications and Marketing Plan Tender Closes 22nd March 2018

Bridgend County Borough Council as lead body for Reach – the Rural Development Programme for Bridgend is seeking to appoint an appropriate delivery body to deliver a craft development project with both economic and social objectives:

1) To improve income potential, increase skills and employment opportunities
2) To decrease social isolation, improve wellbeing, build capacity and provide volunteering opportunities

1.1. The Specification for this requirement includes:-

1.3.1 Develop and implement a Communications and Marketing Plan which will be approved by the Project Steering Group. Produce marketing materials ensuring maximum exposure for the project and organise a project launch event.
1.3.2 Establish and support a Bridgend Craft Network.
1.3.3 Establish and deliver a minimum of 4 multi-craft hubs in rural wards.
1.3.4 Meet monthly, or more often if necessary, with the Bridgend Reach Cooperation Craft Steering Group who are responsible for overseeing project delivery and monitoring this contract.
1.3.5 Identify training, mentoring and demonstration providers and speakers in crafts, traditional crafts, business (formal and informal) IT, social media, marketing, and funding for the network and multi-craft hubs.
1.3.6 Hold a celebration and evaluation dissemination event towards the end of the project. The evaluation will be carried out by an independent organisation to be commissioned by Reach.
1.3.7 Develop a sustainable and viable income generation strategy and seek additional funds to support delivery of this pilot through two grant applications.
1.3.8 Develop a sustainable Exit Strategy for the continuation of the project following the pilot project.

1.2. The successful applicant will be expected to work with a range of stakeholders and organisations as outlined in Section B of the Project Overview provided.

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