BRO-cast Digital Broadcasting Project Tender Closes 28th March 2018

Menter Môn and Cwmni Cymunedol Bro Ffestiniog will appoint a local company to work with Cwmni Bro to develop and establish a system of community digital broadcasting as a vehicle for promoting social and cultural activity and promoting community development in Bro Ffestiniog.

Menter Môn Background.

Menter Môn was established in 1995 to deliver EU rural development programmes. It is a third sector company with a board of directors made up of the private, voluntary and community sector.

Menter Môn is a social enterprise with 20 years’ experience of delivering rural development projects across North Wales, including:

•Lead Body for the joint Anglesey and Gwynedd FLAG Project (Fisheries Local Action Group)

•coordinated the Glastir Commons Project in Gwynedd, Anglesey, Conwy and Ceredigion between 2013 and 2015

•delivered a range of EU funded projects in partnership with Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy and Denbigh local authorities. These included Cyfenter and Shaping the Future (both ERDF funded)

In February 2015, it became the administrative body for the LEADER programme in both Anglesey and Gwynedd. The LEADER programme operates from their offices at the Town Hall in Llangefni (Anglesey), and the High Street in Porthmadog (Gwynedd).

Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog Background.

Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog (Cwmni Cymunedol Bro Ffestiniog is the full registered name) is a unique and innovative development.

There are some examples of social enterprises in Wales working together to form consortia, to tender jointly, or to achieve a particular scheme, but we believe that Cwmni Bro is quite different to this

In one area, Bro Ffestiniog, a number of initiatives have come together to work together in a network of social enterprises and businesses under the umbrella of one company, namely Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog.

The organizations and initiatives include Seren, Antur Stiniog, CellB/Gwallgofiaid, Barnardos, Ysgol Y Moelwyn, Trawsnewid, Pengwern Cymunedol, Deudraeth cyf, GISDA, Opra Cymru and more.


There are more social enterprises per head in the Bro Ffestiniog than any other part of Wales, and they offer a range of services with environmental, economic, social, educational and community benefits.

Between them, they employ around 200 local residents and contribute significantly to the economy and social life of the area. As well as employment, they offer important and diverse opportunities for residents to volunteer and learn in a variety of ways.

They have the potential to develop further with dedicated, equal, ambitious and professional support. There is a new mentality among residents, a positive attitude of actively participating in the process of testing and making things for ourselves. Nurturing this culture change is central to the task of creating a prosperous future for the area and other areas across Wales. One of the main aims of Brocast Ffestiniog is to maintain and promote this cultural change.

The task of Cwmni Bro is to undertake this responsibility and implement regeneration and invigorate the economy as well as social, environmental and community life of Bro Ffestiniog

Cwmni Bro is active in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Llan Ffestiniog, Gellilydan, Trawsfynydd, and Penrhyndeudraeth – together, these communities have a population of over 7,000.

Cwmni Bro will support companies and enterprises that exist to identify and develop new commercial opportunities in order to create more jobs and income and wealth and, at the same time, lead to the alleviation of poverty and develop the skills of residents.

New initiatives and projects will be established, leading to more jobs and wealth, as well as regenerating the infrastructure of Bro Ffestiniog.

Greater cooperation between the initiatives will be coordinated by sharing best practice and resources.

A closer and fruitful relationship will be developed between the private sector and social enterprises, voluntary organizations and public and statutory bodies in order to ensure more efficient and effective investment in the region, to improve the lives of the residents.

A culture of social entrepreneurship will be promoted among local people by creating partnerships with individuals and organizations of all kinds.

Every social enterprise has a voice on the board of Cwmni Bro, and thus a significant share of the aspirations of residents in the area can be aired in its discussions and activities.

Already, practical plans have identified that we can take this forward as Cwmni Bro, tackling the practical challenges that face us as a community and indeed similar communities across Wales. Challenges such as low employment, insecure employment, health, education and training, access to services, community safety, energy provision, physical environment and housing, maintaining and strengthening the language and culture.

Promoting community involvement is key, and fundamental to all other functions of Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog. Community participation depends on effective communication and one of the basic functions of Cwmni Bro is to develop community communications in the area, especially digital community social media. The proposed development is called ‘Bro-cast Ffestiniog’’

Find out more about requirements/brief >>>

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