Communications Consultancy Services relating to the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) Tender Closes 16th April 2018

North London Waste Authority (“the Authority”) is seeking a Communications Consultant to assist the Authority in the development of a communications strategy, communications planning and delivery and other communications support services relating to the North London Heat and Power Project (NLHPP) for the development of a replacement energy recovery facility at the Edmonton EcoPark, north London.

The successful Tenderer must work in partnership with the Authority throughout the development of the NLHPP. This will require the successful Tenderer to have a detailed understanding of the NLHPP and its objectives to ensure the successful delivery, outcomes, and performance of the NLHPP as set out within the North London Heat and Power Generating Station Order 2017 (Development Consent Order) and associated documentation.

The successful Tenderer will be required to manage the NLHPP social media and digital channels throughout the DCO implementation and, working alongside the in-house communications team, to manage a number of communication channels with residents and other key stakeholders which could include, but are not limited to, printed newsletters, e-newsletters and managing the NLHPP website. This workload will fluctuate over the contract period.

The successful Tenderer should further demonstrate that they have suitably experienced employees who have worked in similar projects to advise the Authority.

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