Science Vale UK Advertising Placement Tender Closes 16th April 2018

The requirement is for a media buying agency to supply the Council with a service to buy social media and digital advertising for Spring 2018.

The advertising slots are required to appear across a period of up to 6 months starting May 2018. This is to support the marketing activity we are running to drive UK and international inward investment into the strategically important Enterprise Zones in and around Didcot called the Didcot Growth Accelerator.

The advertising format will be a series of differently themed Science Vale business and lifestyle short video clips (run times from 45 seconds to 1 minute) with links through to a landing page on the website This page will display the whole series of different video clips for people to view alongside a contact capture form. Outside of a small Facebook and mobile web campaign in October 2017, no other social media advertising has been carried out to date.

The design and artwork for all advertising and short video clips will be supplied by a third party (Kineticwecreate Ltd). All necessary artwork and videos will be supplied through Kinetic in the required format within the agreed deadlines.

Find out more >>>

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