Dementia Friendly Communities for Department of Health Tender Closes 9th July 2018

1. Delivery of a secretariat function for the Global Alzheimer’s and Dementia Action Alliance (GADAA), including:
– Support to existing members and identification of and outreach to new members (civil society organisations, health-focused NGOs, international development organisations and so on)
– Maintenance of GADAA website and co-ordination of social media activity
– Delivery of thematic workstreams , including dementia in humanitarian settings
– Support global knowledge sharing with dissemination of tools and best practice

2. Maintain momentum on the global Dementia Friends movement, including:
– Expanding Global Dementia Friends support network
– Support launches and ongoing delivery of Dementia Friends programmes
– Disseminate case studies, including on corporate engagement

3. Support the Global Dementia Friends Ambassador, including:
– Identify speaking opportunities and media opportunities eg World health Assembly, World Alzheimer’s Month
– Increase ambassador’s knowledge of global dementia to enable authoritative advocacy

4. Support the development of global dementia-friendly communities, including:
– Compile learning from accelerator sites
– Develop case studies for dissemination

5. Ensure that all of the activities being delivered are informed by engagement with people affected by dementia, including:
– consulting with people living with and affected by dementia in the planning and evaluation across all areas of international work
– ensuring a strong presence of people living with and affected by dementia at international dementia conferences

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