TV Licensing PR Services The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Tender Closes 31st August 2018

The BBC is tendering for a maximum of six PR agencies which will work as a network with broadly the same objectives in each nation or region. The agencies will offer excellent value for money in delivering a strategic programme of TV Licensing communications via press, stakeholder and social media making full use of their knowledge of that nation or region.

The requirement is to be divided into 6 geographically focused lots in nations and regions. Applicants can apply for one or multiple lots. Applicants must make a separate submission for each lot applied for. The procurement lots are:

Lot 1: London and the South East

Lot 2: Midlands and East Anglia

Lot 3: Northern England

Lot 4: Wales

Lot 5: Scotland

Lot 6: Northern Ireland

Note: the comms work in South West England will be undertaken by a BBC staff member who will work closely with the agencies as part of the network.

Find out more >>>

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