Invitation to Tender for the Provision of a Digital Omni Channel Contact Centres THE BUSINESS GROWTH HUB LIMITED Tender Closes 11th March

The Growth Company are looking to improve the delivery of our customer experience, aligning our service offer to today’s tech-savvy customers. The Growth Company requires a system that will support numerous interactions across multiple touch points whether this is between a customer, prospective customer, or product throughout the whole customer lifecycle. The challenge as an organisation is that all touchpoints (voice, web, email, social media and CRM integration) should have the ability to simultaneously interact using a single interaction. The lack of current integration and interactions ultimately causes a disjointed customer communication that increases repetitive information processing, disjointed communications, inefficiencies ultimately causing frustration to both customers and employees.

The aim of this project is to introduce a contact centre solution as a proof of concept to one area of the business to start with a minimum of 8 users. Ultimately, The Growth Company would like the flexibility to scale up when it so desires, potentially over 100 users and beyond.

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