Health Careers Literature Transformation (creative brief) Health Education England

Research has shown that when people think of careers in the NHS, they usually think of doctor, nurse, midwife and paramedic, when in fact there are over 350 different careers both clinical and non-clinical. With the NHS facing short and long-term recruitment issues, it is more important than ever that we look to recruit people from all backgrounds into the variety of NHS careers. The NHS also needs to be a more attractive career option to those who may have never considered it in the past. Part of this is showing that there are career opportunities, even if you don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse, and to support people on that journey into employment.

HEE’s Health Careers service has a responsibility in achieving this. Not only inspiring people of all ages to consider a career in health but to help them make informed career decisions by offering relevant and accurate information. One of our channels is the production and print of 13 A4 booklets offering up-to-date and accurate careers information on specific professional areas of the health workforce including health informatics, medicine and the wider healthcare team. This detailed information includes the roles available, how to start your health career and real-life stories. There’s also an A5 booklet (a Career for you in health) which has bitesize information on around 50 health roles including a taxonomy based on the professional areas.

Around 200,000 free copies are ordered every year by organisations such as the NHS, job centres, colleges, schools, universities and job centres. They are used primarily by NHS organisations as part of local recruitment strategies and to support careers advice and guidance. Organisations also use them at local events and careers fairs. Health Careers also uses them at national events/exhibitions and as part of other customer communications programmes.

While our printed booklets are popular, they’re time consuming and expensive to produce and can go out of date quickly. We aspire to provide revised printed materials that are more in keeping with the Health Careers digital family which signpost users to relevant content on our websites and social media. Our ambition is to deliver a digital-first service where individuals access careers information online while continuing to support the local NHS recruitment strategies and interventions with printed marketing materials.

This invitation to tender is looking for a cost-efficient method of achieving this. This is likely to include:

• Design and production of 14 pieces of marketing material, including copy, on the professional areas covered by Health Careers with strong call-to-actions to the relevant online information/landing pages
• Review of the current taxonomies for a ‘Career for you in health’ and make recommendations for how roles could be better grouped to meet users’ needs
• Redesign of a ‘Career for you in health’ based on these new groupings.

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