RFP BFI Film Academy Comms Strategy Tender Closes 1st July

The BFI Film Academy is seeking a Communications Consultant or Agency to lead on developing and implementing the delivery of a recruitment campaign for the BFI Film Academy programme in 2019/20 with a strong focus on diversity and reach.

Key objectives are:

o Raise the profile of the BFI Film Academy amongst select local communities, teachers and students
o Assist delivery partners to promote and recruit their courses successfully
o Engage with alumni of the Film Academy to assist with recruitment via social media and in-person school visits
o Prioritise BFI Film Academy target groups – BAME, FSM, Gender, Disability

Success would be measured by engagement with schools and young people which in turn prompts applications to the various courses.

The recruitment campaign should cover all regions where there is delivery, but focus on those areas in particular where recruitment is more challenging and with higher levels of deprivation .

There is already a good deal of outreach and content that has been produced to support recruitment for the programme including print materials, e-fliers and film content. The BFI also has a dedicated digital comms team which recruits through BFI’s various social media channels. The Consultant or Agency will therefore be required to work with the BFI Film Academy and Comms team closely to ensure consistency in messaging.

Find out more >>>

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