Study UK: Discover You Campaign – Social Media Management BRITISH COUNCIL (THE) Tender Closes 29th July

The Study UK campaign, delivered by British Council in partnership with the UK Government’s GREAT Britain campaign, is designed to promote British higher education to international students. The campaign aims to generate jobs and growth for Britain by recruiting additional higher education students to study in UK universities, and has to date generated £421m in economic returns.
Additionally, the campaign aims to promote prosperity and economic development in developing nations, by increasing access to higher education and career opportunities for graduates.

Social media plays an integral part in the campaign, delivering daily interactions with our young audiences, promoting our key campaign messages, featuring user generated content and leveraging our presence to showcase content from universities across the UK.

British Council is looking for a social media agency to take on our social media presence across various networks, devise an annual content strategy in line with our overarching campaign strategy and plans, generate content on a daily basis, drive engagement with our stakeholders and audiences, and maintain a high standard of excellence across our platforms

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