Employer and Intermediary Content Strategy National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) Tender Closes 1st November

We would like to procure an agency to help us develop our content strategy based on the findings from our employer segmentation research, our own proprietary research, and the change in the market now staging and phasing are complete. We want to ensure our strategy is fit for purpose for the current market environment and ultimately deliver a good service to our employer and intermediary customers.

We face 2 main issues:
– Inconsistency of tone of voice: the way we speak to our audience varies by channel and as such does not create a holistic experience of Nest for the user.
– Confused customer journeys: Out dated content that reflects the acquisition led stage of our journey

As such we want to focus on both the tone of voice and updating our content strategy to reflect our existing objectives, making relevant content simple and quick for the audience to find.

We’d like the agency to work with us to deliver a content strategy based on the following criteria:
– We are looking for an agency with understanding of financial services and ideally the pensions market
– Developed with various touch points in mind, including; public area website (PAW), help centre, operational communications, social media, web chat, marketing emails and the transactional area website.
– Develop a consistent tone of voice- to include simplifying existing jargon, and using language to differentiate ourselves
– Includes a review of how we help our employers talk to their employees, providing them with a toolkit of information to use at various stages of their employees’ savings journeys.
– Provide guidelines and training material that can be shared with our staff, especially our writers so they are able to pick up on our style of writing easily.

Given the breadth of this project we have broken the work down into 3 stages:
– Stage 1: work with Nest to create a content strategy
– Stage 2: work with Nest to implement the strategy across one specific journey (decided based on findings from Stage 1)
– Stage 3: agree prioritisation with Nest and roll out across all touchpoints.

Feedback examples
Please see below some examples of feedback we have received on our service to help provide some context.

In existing research, we do not ask our employers to specifically comment on language as part of their experience. We therefore cannot share a stat that says “X% of employers think that the language could be improved” as it isn’t a metric that we currently measure.

We do, however, ask employers how easy their experience is with Nest, and we know that it could be easier – particularly when dealing with information we provide and when using resources such as the website and/or contact channels.

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