(More than an) Email Service Provider LONDON & PARTNERS LIMITED Tender Closes 14th February 2020

London & Partnes require a fixed, permanent Email Service Provider to cover the next three years (initial two years and an additional year extension). The chosen provider is expected to offer a robust set of omnichannel marketing tools to help deliver engaging conversations across our channels.  

These include: 

Email Marketing
SMS / WhatsApp 

Email Marketing at the core, it is expected that the suite of tools cover: 

Standard email marketing mechanics, including advanced creation and delivery 
Customer profile management and targeting options 
Automation and personalisation 
Integration options – in particular, with Salesforce and Sitecore 
Evaluation and tracking 
Support and customer service

Securing an ESP for the next three years will enable us to continue delivering the volume and quality of activity, as well as continue to develop Email Marketing, as a channel, for multiple audiences. A fresh look at the current state of the market will ensure we’re using the best fitting ESP for our current and future needs, and budget. In terms of integrations, the chosen provider is expected to integrate directly with Sitecore and Salesforce.

Find out more >>>

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