Should you put any of your business’ marketing resources into Twitter?

If you run a business in the UK then you need to consider how you are marketing your business to your customers and since Twitter is a potential social media channel, you might find this information interesting…

Twitter has around 220,000,000 monetizable daily active users (mDAU). Revenues in 2020 were $3,716,000,000 and in 2021 they were $5,000,000,000… that’s some growth!

A common phrase used when it comes to the value of something is, “it’s what someone else is willing to pay for it” and this is so true for Twitter.

The market cap, the value of the all the shares, on some websites was put at $34 billion, while on others they quote the value that Elon Musk put on it earlier this month with his offer of $43 billion… and in reality the share price jumped when Elon bid for the company and the market cap is currently $37 billion!

Take a look at Twitter’s Global Impact 2020 document

Interesting read, Twitter wants to be seen as an organisation that cares, aiming to have 50% male / 50% female employees by 2025 with 25% from underrepresented minorities.

Taken directly from the report: “TWITTER FOR GOOD. Strengthening our communities is part of Twitter’s DNA and the core tenet of our social impact philosophy. Our vision is to bring our company and community together as a force for good through the positive power of our platform, people, and profits.”

Corporate reports allow you to see the direction of travel but…

How do you make money from Twitter?

It would seem that making money from Twitter is about creating content that is geared towards a specific audience and then selling access to that audience.

You can buy a twitter account with followers already there. It is estimated that 1,000 global twitter followers is worth $10, while if they were all Americans it would be worth $50. I assume that is based on the GDP of the USA.

If you want to get an idea of the value of your tweet then these guys appear to have put a great deal of effort into evaluating the process…

I just plugged in “#cookie” and it indicated that it might be seen by 6m people and seemingly create sales of $10,000 in the cookie market place … I guess, for some, the mere mention of the word cookies gets them heading for the cookie jar 😉 

It is all so difficult to quantify and perhaps we should look at this more holistically.

The reality is there are millions on the platform, 220m equating to something like 3% of the world’s population! Googling “UK Twitter users” talks of 16m of 320m but that’s using Twitter’s “old money”, current stats use mDAU, so say 10m on 67m UK population, equating to 15% of the UK population checking into Twitter each day… WOW?

Can you therefore say that 15% of your customers are checking Twitter? I guess that depends on your target market but it is certainly worth pondering and putting in some time and effort to see if this social media channel should warrant greater investment in helping your business grow.

Talk to us and let’s start the process.


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