Does the number of social media Followers equate to the level of engagement?

I was reading that 1,000 Twitter followers means your account has a market value of £10 but if all the followers live in America, the value is £100.

I can see some logic in that but it got me thinking… which of the social media channels that I am involved with will drive the most clicks and is the level of click-through determined by the number of followers of a group / account?

It would seem to me, the best way to test this is to have a logical title that will generate interest, post the same story as multiple pages, share the relevant links via the social media channels and then record the clicks.

Give followers 48 hours to have the chance to click, most clicks happening within a few hours and then will wane, review engagement.

Let’s give it a go…

I’ll report back when I have the results.

Thank you.


Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash