Sales & Marketing Extra Pair of Hands?

Jon Davey, Sales Enabler, Bespoke Marketing Automation, Sales Navigator, Lead Generator, Social Media Story Teller, Blogger, Dad

Thirty years of sales & marketing experience have taught me that I can only sell things that I believe in. When I believe, I can find the words to describe to a lay person what it is that is on offer, which makes them a believer too. So when the time is right for them and the need arise they will choose to buy from whence the story came…

In 2017 people use multiple social media channels to access news & entertainment.

LinkedIn represents their professional channel, most will be looking to progress their career or grow their business, making it the perfect place to approach prospective clients. You just have to make sure you do it in the right way… sharing the right stories with the right people at the right time.

Blending me, my story telling skills and LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, I become a sales enabler, lead generator for SME business owners where no, or a small, team exists and more business opportunities are desired but the owner is time poor due to existing commitments.

I can also train you and your teams, get sales & marketing working together for the common good, in a process known as Sales Enablement. We can work on stories that prospective customers would want to hear and establish a process of communications that’s ultimate purpose is to engage prospective clients in conversations with your sales team around real needs and potential projects where there is a budget in place… sound good to you?

Do you want more business opportunities? Then let’s talk 07717 820823 or complete the form:

Thank you.

07717 820823


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