You have two choices in life… do it yourself… or pay a man/woman to do it for you?

You can go searching around for Social Media Marketing Tenders which will take your TIME and what do you consider your hourly rate to be?


Or you can subscribe for just £10 per month and we’ll email what we find to you when we find it.

You do the maths, half it, double it, divide by the days of the week, the stars in the sky…

Do you want to spend your TIME digging around getting tired, frustrated and virtually dirty or would you rather be out having fun with friends and an email land in your inbox… you can then read it at your leisure and take action as you see fit.

Social Media tends to be part of a bigger picture, so the tenders we’ll send you will include social media in some way… it might be a technology / software solution that is needed or it could be a new website with social deployment… it might just be a very small part of a project which shows where social media is going and so offers more of an education than a tender you will actually compete for.


View our recent blog posts to see tenders that are a few days from requiring to be competed… these went to those subscribed in a timely fashion, enabling them to submit their tenders in good time.

Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash