Social Media Directors Marketing Automation Network

This blog is the centre of our Social Media Directors Marketing Automation Network which is intended to bring those with a Marketing Automation need together with those who might offer Marketing Automation solutions on an ad hoc or more regular consultancy basis.

Having been involved in the B2B online marketing space for almost 20 years and experiencing a consultancy role in 2015-16 it made sense to find more of the same for 2017.

The practical reality of finding the next opportunity will mean bumping into a range of needs which may well be best addressed by someone else with a better matching skill set.

During November & December I took the initiative to make contact with a few hundred marketing people via LinkedIn who have experience of Eloqua (other Marketing Automation solutions are available and welcome!)

January 2017 and it makes sense to invite those who connected and others who are interested to follow this blog and in so doing get instant emails as blogs are posted on a range of topics:

• Articles we have created from current topical information

• Blogs about new Marketing Automation platforms

• Opportunities for consultants that have been shared with us via this form

• Blogs giving a description of a potential candidate’s working knowledge of today’s Marketing Automation solutions.
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• Blog posts by fellow members who are happy to share their wisdom and experiences of Marketing Automation

Being a member simply amounts to acknowledging the Social Media Directors Marketing Automation Network and agreeing to follow a straight forward etiquette:

• As an “employer” if you find a “consultant” or “employee” through using this website then an appropriate fee will be agreed and paid in good time.

• As a “consultant” or “employee” then you will ensure fair play by the “employer”.

Makes sense that you’d only want to contract to an employer who is ethical… if they are not, how will you know they’ll not prove awkward in making a due payment to you in the future?

Failure to play fair is unlikely to end up in court as we don’t have the legal budget but it will mean those concerned will no longer be part of our network.

Sound like cricket to you? Sign up for our blogs top right >>>

Thank you.


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