Delivery of Key Account, Sales, Social Media and Story Telling Training THE BUSINESS GROWTH HUB LIMITED Tender Closes 16th August

As part of shaping the new GC BGH Account Management offering, we are procuring a package of account management training, including Key Account, Sales, Social Media and Story Telling training. The selected provider(s) should offer a comprehensive approach to training a team of 30 Account Managers, Business Development Executives and Team Managers. We are looking for providers that will efficiently and effectively train the Account Management team on high quality account management processes, including both strategic and conceptual selling. We are particularly focused on helping the Account Managers to gain skills in developing a ‘selling story’, for both GC BGH and the Account Managers themselves.

We also want to provide social media training to the Account Managers as part of the account management training package. This will include advice on knowing which platforms to use, how to navigate them and effectively share content, and how to utilise social media to make and maintain connections. Additionally, we would like to provide Myers-Briggs, Discovery Insights, or similar type indicator personality tests to each of the Account Managers, including analysis of test results, and recommendations, presented to the group as part of a team workshop. We are also interested in networking training, focusing on how Account Managers can successfully network to build relationships and develop leads.
Overall our objective is to provide the Account Managers with the training and support to deliver an exceptionally high service to the businesses of Greater Manchester.

This Framework Agreement shall comprise of five lots as follows; bidders are invited to tender for one or more lots.
Lot 1 – Training on best practice Account Management processes, to include Strategic selling and Conceptual selling
Lot 2 – The development of Story Telling
Lot 3 – Social Media Training
Lot 4 – Personality Test Assessments – Myers-Briggs, Discovery Insights, or similar
Lot 5 – Successful Networking Training

The likely value of activity under this framework will be between £25,000 and £40,000 excluding VAT.

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