What is Social Media in 2022?

It’s time for a new look to Social Media Directors and so it is logical for this blog to ask the question “What is Social Media in 2022?”

Over to Google and a search for “Social Media 2022” to see what pops up. I decided to click on one Ad and two of the organic listings and compile a summary of what I read including my own take…

Apparently we have 8 seconds to make a great first impression! I feel that stat has the air of lucky No 8 about it but we certainly don’t have long, so your content needs to achieve your objective quickly.

Forrester was the paid for link which brought a couple of insights which made me smile. Years ago, around 2000, I worked with a cartoonist for one of the big papers to create cartoon strips using Flash which allowed viewers to click on links to buy gifts… It was a tad early as the internet was very slow back then but now!

Forrester’s Emily Collins put together this report Predictions 2022: Media and Advertising in October 2021.

“Marketers and publishers remain in adaptive mode as they navigate a protracted pandemic recovery and ongoing fluctuations in consumer behavior. Next year, we expect new waves of innovation and experimentation across advertising experiences and media revenue models. Read this report for five predictions about media and advertising in 2022.”

As mentioned, talk of links in videos which take you shopping without interrupting the video… a very civilized way to get in some retail therapy 😉

Buyers are looking for an easy way to sell, with AI jumping into the game to help steer the purchase… I’m not convinced or confident AI will get it right. We change our minds with the wind, so it’ll be interesting to see if those with social conscience decide that the extra fuel needed to swap out purchases is too much to bear and switch off AI. 

SproutSocial’s Jenn Chen is talking about 8 Social media trends to watch in 2022

TikTok is rocking the planet with over 1 billion active users spending an average of 89 minutes a day on the app! That’s mad… or is it? It is so easily accessible and if you and your pals are looking for the next great TikTok to share, it can get very addictive.

50 million people around the world are part of the “Creator Economy”, creating content on which they then have a revenue model… 50 million TV Channels… no time to sleep!

Social commerce is on the up complimented by Livestream Shopping… perfect for those who prefer snoozing to hitting the shops in real time! Go on a tour of your favourite shop from the comfort of your bed and click links to buy, buy, buy…

Social audio is turning up the volume which I’m relieved to hear as I recommended podcasting to a client the other day. Turns out he was in the music biz back in the 80s so has all the sound equipment to make the most engaging podcasts, excellent. 

I was really pleased to hear that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of the buying decision process, so an authentic, caring community vibe is all important if you want new customers to share your news and information with their friends & family.

Last but not least, the Top 5 social media marketing trends for 2022 by Smart Insights Gabrielle Wright Jan 2022

This is where the 8 second rule was introduced but as my friend Graham Jones said in his weekly email Saturday morning, forget the numbers! I recall him giving a talk which we live streamed back in the mid-noughties, where he suggested you have 3 seconds to grab attention, which gave you 30 seconds to set the scene, 3 minutes to share a little more and hopefully 30 minutes to close the deal.

He also said, 78.46% of statistics are made up on the fly 😉

Apparently 58.4% of the world’s population use social media!

Not sure where they get these numbers from… they talk of 4.62 billion users and 424 million being online in the last 12 months, making 58.4%…. My reading of those numbers was closer to 10% which feels more authentic… or is it just that I would prefer it to be a lower number and actually we’re doomed Captain Mainwaring!

Average users are spending 2 hours 27 minutes per day across 8 channels.

Collaboration could be key to a successful campaign. Examples of large organisations given but I’m thinking, there is mileage for SMEs to work as a team to optimise their marketing spend.

She also touched on bringing in surveys and the like to capture more data which you can then use to personalise your message via social media channels. Personally I get irritated by pop up forms and think if you aren’t seamless with that type of thing then it just feels a tad invasive and a turn off.


Well that’s a quick summary of what I read and my take on the things they mentioned. I have added links, in the bold text, so you can click through to read more but in essence you need to make the most of the 8 seconds your reader, listener, viewer is willing to give you and ensure they give you 9 seconds, not 1 second, next time your paths cross 😉

I think most business really don’t have to try too hard, they just need to add a little something each month to show they exist and focus on telling a great story about a recent project in a blog post of say 500 words, which can then be turned into the appropriate snippet to be shared on social media channels. This way, those that want more than 8 seconds can read the blog, those that want 1 second can just read the tweet and not click through… but both know your business exists for when they start thinking about a need for what it is you offer.

Thank you.


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