Market Research Insight

Having worked within and supporting PR and marketing agencies, the general consensus appears to be that people want research to back up and supplement their work with the least fuss possible and come in under budget.

Having supported Nik Harta for over a decade since the inception of Tickbox and Opinion Matters, while a director at Markettiers4dc, I’m now helping him row his new boat Yolo Communications, a research and insight agency. Pic: Last year he helped me raise £1000 for “Kids in Nepal” following the Earthquake that killed a number of sherpas.

However you use research and insight within your business, we’re keen to find out how we can help make your life easier based on identifying some key service needs:

  • Clients want a painless service… a service provider that just gets on and does the job.
  • Account managers want help shining… identifying a great story idea that will get everyone noticed…? Proactive creative support
  • Everyone wants to come in on or under budget… we recommend the most appropriate cost-effective solutions and guarantee sample within our fees
  • Struggling to find hard to reach respondents? No problems as we have an unprecedented level of seeking out and delivering niche target audiences to find you that perfect data… be that in the UK or overseas.
  • Quick and easy Omnibus?… we run these regularly in the UK and internationally too

We’re happy to have an initial exploratory conversation either over the phone or in person… 0207 030 3900

We facilitate (chargeable) strategic workshops for clients, however, as an introductory FREE offer, if you think it could be useful, we can tailor and run one of our interactive events for you and your team:

  1. Brainstorming workshops to help generate ideas for research and planning.
  2. An interactive “Lunch & Learn” session on best use of insight for PR and communications, “Gain Knowledge not just Data from Research & Social Intelligence”. You cover lunch, we’ll take care of the learning…

Feel free to browse our website and our new acquisition RWB – Research Without Barriers

Alternatively, complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Thank you.


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