What is your favourite marketing automation “cloud” tool and why?

Every week new marketing automation platforms are launched, each looking to grab the attention of marketers in the hope they will sign a 5 year exclusive deal to use their cloud…

To compete many launch offering a whole ton of free stuff so that companies really get to know the platform by the time they have to pay… why would they go elsewhere?

At the same time the likes of IBM, Oracle, et al buy smaller companies that have engineered a solution and then bolt them into their respective clouds and charge handsomely for the service & consultancy around it.

Are some of the free solutions better than the more pricey options?

Which is your current favourite? Accepting that tomorrow is another launch day somewhere on the planet… and if they are nice to you then hey, they’ll have a new BBF 😉

Thank you.


P.S. Feel free to comment below and on the Social Media Directors Marketing Automation Network over on LinkedIn

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