Provision of Media Monitoring (and related services) and a Social Media Campaign Platform Birmingham City Council Tender Closes 30th September

Birmingham City Council requires a supplier for the provision of media monitoring services and a social media campaign platform. This will enable the monitoring, analysis and evaluation of print, broadcast, digital and social media coverage and a platform for the release of the Council’s social media campaigns.

The Council needs to be aware of all the major stories relating to itself in the press, broadcast media, digital and social media coverage online. We require a press cuttings agency or equivalent to provide us with ongoing details in a timely manner, of all mentions in the media and social media of Birmingham City Council. The Council also requires a social media campaign and engagement platform where social media campaigns can be hosted and fully evaluated.

This requirement will be split into 3 separate contracts as per the lots detailed below:

Lot 1 Media Monitoring, Evaluation
Lot 2 Social Listening
Lot 3 Social media campaign and engagement platform

The contract for all lots will be for a period of 2 years commencing 01/01/2020 until 31/12/2021 with a break clause after 12 months to review the service and have a termination agreement in place if the Council feels the service is not working as anticipated.

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